Peace, I’m Candace "Coach Felyne" Liger (she/they) and I’m the Antics Orchestrator. I like that opening, but seriously...

I am a bonafide Body Enthusiast, Fitness Trainer, BDSM/Kink Coach, Consent Educator, Performance Artist, Author, and Dance Fitness Instructor. 

I get impressively excited about bodies, the magic within them, the pleasures, the shadows, the complexity, the strength, and the stories carried within each of us. I've dedicated my career and supported thousands of folks to get connected to their bodies in new, exciting ways. 

While much of my knowledge has been informed through social justice work, sex-work, and formal education, I have a particular fascination with bodies as a mother of two who navigates the earth blickidy black, politically queer, mostly asexual with a family history of genetic disease and chronic conditions.

 I champion the powers of autonomy, pleasure, and full body processing power.

My work is rooted in teaching us how to connect to our fullest selves, fortify our bodies, be intentional with self- care practices, and liberate towards pleasurable living.


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Learn more about how I can support building safe, healthy, and inclusive spaces for bodies to thrive. 


My 90 Day strength-building program isn't about weight loss; it's all about building strength, lean muscle, and fortifying your body in ways that align with who you are. 

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JahRation Nation Dance Fitness - is an exciting high- energy, DANCEHALL & AFROBEATS based class centering vibrant movements, uplifting proactive self-care, all while conjuring an epic gyrating experience.

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Where bodies thrive. 

Founder | Center for Body Autonomy which advocates for safe, healthy, and inclusive environments for bodies to thrive.

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Creator and Host: Ilya Parker

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AfroYoni: An Exalted Solitary Twerk

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Satisfy your curiosity and get the understanding you've been needing about this whole BDSM/Kink Thing. Click below to learn more about my BDSM 101 Course. 

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Creator | I provide BDSM/Kink Education, Fetish Fitness Training, and, Performance Artistry. 

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“Proactive self care is the joyful learning of your body, mind, and spirit to strengthen your overall fortitude. It’s your full body processing power.”


Heather Edwards | Pelvic PT, AASECT Sex Counselor, Sex Educator, Vino & Vulvas Founder

As soon as I met Candace, I wanted more. Everything about her is inviting, warm, powerful, mysterious, and sexy as fuck... all wrapped up together in one amazingly fit package. I was fortunate enough for her to be a guest panelist on an event that I host and she was an absolute knockout. One of my very favorite panelists nearly immediately. I had her back for another, and again, an amazingly dynamic and solid speaker. The depth of knowledge she has across such a fantastic variety of topics (varying from practical to erotic as hell) is so impressive and smoking hot. She does that crazy awesome thing where she can deliver solid information with a fun and edgy twist so that it directly penetrates and permeates every cell in your body with a KNOWING that you are really getting the good stuff. In whatever capacity you might be considering working with Candace... do it. She's amazing.”

Heidi Lopez | Social Justice Healing Practitioner

"I've been working with Candace for almost a month now and she has been amazing! We meet 2x/week virtually, in the comfort of my home, through video and we MOVE! She also gives me moves to do in between our session. More importantly, before we got started, she sat and really heard why I wanted to move, what I wanted to achieve and each and every move I do is helping me reach my goals of strength and health for me, and for the future I'm creating. Her vibrant energy is SUCH a huge part of my motivation, while she really pushes me to go beyond my limits and be stronger than I ever thought."

Gay Pasley |Author, Photographer & Activist

Several years ago I ran into a group of women who encouraged me to, “invest in self even when I didn't always see the results. " Since that meeting I have committed to investing in self in various forms even when I was not able to initially see results. My most recent investment in self has been hiring Candace as my personal trainer. I have had other personal trainers but none that were as invested in me and my overall health and well being as Candace has been. Candace has taken the time to learn my weaknesses and actively works with me to overcome them. She is the best cheerleader. This picture of me was taken in 2016 after the first time I hired Candace as my trainer. When I saw it I recall thinking what if I bossed up did everything Candace in her professional expertise suggested? What if I fully committed to a change in lifestyle? Candace and I have committed to a comprehensive training program in preparation for my annual return to Antigua, West Indies. Three times a week I meet Candace via live video and we work out in my front room. I am also participating in the monthly challenges. I can honestly say I see and feel the results of my investment. I look and feel better than I ever have. If you are considering personal training you really do not have to look any further. Candace Liger is worth it. You are worth it."