Candace “Coach Felyne” Liger

Erotica Performer | Spoken Word Artist | Kink/BDSM Coach | Author of "AfroYoni" | FemDom | Fetish Fitness Trainer

Curious about the BDSM/Kink Lifestyle?

My virtual course breaks down all the juiciest parts of BDSM using my Radical Consent philosophies, so you can experience more pleasure, cultivate your curiosity, and unlock the goodness of your erotic superpowers.

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FLEXXX - Kinky Fitness Audio Series

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Celebrating, Nurturing, and Restoring thru the Erotic

I am Candace “Coach Felyne” Liger. Coach is a pronoun fam.

Before I even truly understood the power of the erotic, I dove into the intentional practice of sex work around the age of 20 years old. I made deep, intimate connections to understand the ways people of all backgrounds experience and seek pleasure. During this time, I became more aware of the shame, stigma, and isolation many individuals feels when confronting their own desires.

I create safe spaces for folx, with emphasis on black queer women and femmes, to express their sexuality and explore the powers removed from them thru societal influence. I embarked upon a journey of celibacy to better understand my own powers and purpose within the erotic. And today, I do the same work as I am forging a path that is inclusive of the erotic as a part of holistic wellness and restoration.

Although my educational background is in health, wellness, and kinesiology, my experience as a performer, erotic conjurer, event facilitator, and personal trainer has granted me a considerable amount insight regarding the ways we disconnect from our bodies.

My work with the human body has revealed ways we store tension & trauma - ultimately creating a counterproductive distance to our pleasure centers.

I am a firm advocate of both (SSC) Safe, Sane and Consensual and (RACK) Risk Aware Consensual Kink that provide foundations for all people to access pleasure seeking in the healthiest way for them.

My mission is to dismantle the internal systems that ultimately prevent us from exploring and accessing our pleasure.

My work in holding erotic space has ranged from curating public spaces of performance art to hosting private educational workshops. Through art, movement, and creativity--I believe we are all capable of conjuring our erotic to work for us in our everyday lives.

I host events, group fetish fitness classes, 1x1 sessions, performances, speaking engagements and more. Visit my contact page for more.

Follow me on Instagram at @CoachFelyne for Erotic & BDSM Antics.