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JahRation Nation Dance Fitness - is an exciting high- energy, DANCEHALL & AFROBEATS based class centering vibrant movements, embracing proactive self-care, and conjuring an epic gyrating experience.


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JahRation Nation Dance Fitness

was created by Candace Liger - NASM Fitness Professional & Coach to address the need for more culturally centered fitness programs rooted in pleasurable exercise, joy, and the healing power of movement.


This program isn’t about weight loss or reluctantly fighting through a workout. It’s about vibes, intentional movement, and feeling absolutely dope. My workouts are suitable for all different fitness levels. I encourage you to move the way YOUR body says while owning every gyrate with an enthusiastic energy.


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Welcome to the Felyne Fitness Library! Bodyweight. Intervals. Cardio. Toning. All from your home - where the towels are yours. With my workouts, we work to build your endurance, energy, strength, and make your body proud.

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Meet Candace "Coach Felyne" Liger

Peace! I am Candace Liger and I’ve been teaching JahRation Nation for over 8 years at countless locations throughout the US. I graduated with a degree in Health and Wellness and have received 3 certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Even with all these credentials, I learned very early in my career that the type of fitness I wanted to provide would do more than just work towards a certain body aesthetic. JahRation Nation classes are a sacred space of healing, community, and absolute vibrancy. I’ve worked hard to blend my expertise as a fitness professional, advocate, and artist to create experiences that feel safe and restorative. For me, fitness is about vitality and trusting in our abilities to thrive in these streets. All bodies are welcome. All genders are welcome. Only catch? You gotta gyrate. That’s just how I vibe. Lets Get it!

Creator of JahRation

Candace Liger



“I love everything that Candace and JahRation Nation stands for. I’m down to support anything that’s worth the support and thus is definitely one of those things. I also have a passion for dance fitness and have used this class as a part of my fitness journey.” @beymyguest


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